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For the protection of our clients, we must ask the following questions. Answering "yes" will not automatically disqualify you from volunteering, but we ask that you please provide an explanation for all "yes" answers.
Please provide names, email addresses, and phone numbers for 3 references who have known you for a minimum of one year. If any of the categories do not apply, please provide a substitute in Other category.
The responses I have provided in completing my application to volunteer with UnBound are complete, truthful, and accurate. I hereby authorize UnBound to make inquiries concerning my background and authorize all persons associated with me, including churches, employers, law enforcement agencies, licensing, and social services agencies, to release any information contained in their files or records concerning me to UnBound and its representatives. I declare that I have not and will not engage in sexual abuse or a pattern of physical, emotional, or spiritual abuse or neglect of a child. If I have been the subject of an allegation of a complaint, disciplinary action, or dismissal due to such acts, regardless of the outcome of the allegation, I have notified UnBound. I understand my responsibility to report abuse and other inappropriate conduct toward a child to law enforcement and to UnBound. I understand that UnBound takes allegations of child abuse seriously and that abuse in any form will not be tolerated. I understand that UnBound will cooperate with law enforcement in the investigation of any report of abuse. *By typing your name and date in this form field, you are agreeing to the above information.
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